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  • Do we only deal in bulk orders?
    No we develop bulk as well as specialized items according to the need of the customers. We also have a team for research and development if the project demands. Contact (For more information):
  • Do we develop new parts or do we require a sample before hand?
    Yes our team deals in developing new as well as sample developments however, we charge extra for the development and R&D of any forms of items. Contact (For more information):
  • Are we interested in partnerships?
    Since development of our new plant we are looking to increase our customer base to further in export and a possibility of partnership is open. Contact for more info. :
  • Do we deal in export customers?
    Yes we are dealing in export to USA also having previously exporting to Australia we are looking to increase our customer base. For more information: Contact:
  • Does all the production activity take place inside our plants ?
    Some of the part development might require SPM tasks which are sent to our vendors for job work. This is done for more efficient and best possible results for our customers. Contact (For more information):
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